Back to Work

I’m back at my desk. I just wish it felt better to say that. I didn’t sleep well last night, and I can’t seem to rid myself of this cough. The end result was that I zombied my way through the day, counting the hours and then minutes remaining until I could go home again.

Once again, my desk was remarkably clean when I returned from my week and a half absence. I can’t decide if that’s a relief, or if it’s really scary. I’d like to think I was a little less replaceable. It didn’t take me too much digging around to find some residual problems from my absence, though, so the ego is somewhat salved.

My little yellow mum was unfortunately mortally wounded through neglect while I was out, however. The poor thing received no water for over ten days, and was little more than tinder-in-a-plastic-pot when I returned to it. I feel badly – desiccation must be a terrible way to go.

I have discovered, much to my chagrin, that I have apparently forgotten the password to my cell phone’s voice mail. I’m not entirely sure how I forgot it, seeing as I wrote it down on the inside of my phone’s instruction manual. One thing is for sure, though … I can’t access my messages now. As embarrassing as it is going to be, I shall have to go to Cingular with my phone in hand and most abject apologies on my lips and get them to reset things for me. I should have been born a blonde.

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  1. Dessication can be a wonderful way to be preserved! (There’s a silver lining to almost anything, isn’t there?)

    Glad to hear you’re back at work. It’s good to be busy.

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