Of course I remember 911, Alli. I just don’t recall Sadam Hussein being involved at the time. I do recall bin Laden being implicated. And if we are to say that Saddam is to blame because he aided bin Laden (along with a cast of a hundred others), then we also have to take a long hard look at ourselves. Who, after all, gave money and munitions to Sadam way back in the Iran/Iraq days?

I’m not sure I believe war is the answer at this point. I know I don’t believe laying down out weapons is the answer either. There is middle ground though, between those two extremes. To reduce this situation to “fight or turn your back” is to take a Kodachrome picture and print it in black and white. You end up losing a lot of detail.

I did not mean to imply that all those who believe in our president do so because they follow him blindly. Many have looked at the facts and feel he is making the right move. However, that was not the mindset I encountered at lunch today. And it saddens me that my luncheon companions are an accurate representative slice of a certain segment of the U.S. population.

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  1. Don’t know if it makes any difference in the scheme of things but the Dixie Chick said, "We want to let you know that we are ashamed of President Bush and that he is from Texas." I think some of the upset is that they were in Europe at the time too.

  2. While I agree with and will follow what our leaders tell us, I definitely do not do so blindly.

    With the information presented by the media, and knowledge of some things I have seen over the last 12 years (from when I was in the Air Force) I can read between some of the lines.

    Personally I thought we never should have left Iraq 12 years ago without taking Saddam out then. The world has had 12 years to reflect on the results of that.

    I hear pacifists proclaiming that we shouldn’t go to war for this reason or that reason. It astounds me that some of these people honestly believe that if we do not go to war, and lay down our arms, that no one in the world will take advantage of that.

    HELLO! Remember 9/11?

    OK, I will get down off my soap box before I turn this comment into something three times as long as your entry!


  3. All very well said. Glad I stopped in today. *smile* I hope and pray that Bush and Co. know what they are doing, based on a lot more knowledge than I possess. I truly believe that if we do not take action, the consequences for us in the longterm will be grave. I am unsure that will not also be true if we do take action.

  4. I agree Saddam and his regime need to be taken out, but by the US alone? No. I just wish the UN and everybody else would get behind the program.

    I agree that the public doesn’t need to know everything, because what the public knows, the enemy knows too.

    I don’t think that it’s un-American to disagree, and even object to our president’s activities. Or any other public figure.

    I remember WWII and I’m not looking forward to WWIII.


  5. the dixie chick thing made me laugh. if you have an opinion and use your fame or celebrity to voice said opinion, you shouldn’t expect for everyone to agree with you and you SHOULD expect that those that don’t will take their money elsewhere. afterall, it is the fans and their money that makes celebrities. and lastly, never ever apologize for voicing your views. it only makes it seem that losing $$ is more important than sticking to your convictions.

  6. That’s where I got lost….everybody and their momma was looking for bin laden…and the next thing I know there’s a fall-out with Sadam.

    So many turns in the road….lies…half truths…exaggerations….anger …disappointments….

    wanna come over for lunch?

    _half a greensparkle /smirk/

  7. "That raised a round of guffaws, and when the laughter died it was pointed out that Clinton had lost his right to our respect because of his morality. By this point I had at least learned to hold my tongue"

    Holy cow. You learned well, little grasshopper. I think that one would have broken me. I might ultimately agree that war was necessary–if I felt like I could trust our policymakers to be honest–but that doesn’t mean that I don’t find our president’s behavior and motivations entirely suspect.

    If we have to go to war, I would feel more comfortable with somebody else at the helm. I don’t know who. Just somebody…better.

  8. Yes, everyone is entitled to free speech and in a free society I can listen to music I want to. They can boycott the war and Bush and whatever they want. I can boycott radio stations that play their music. Free means free for everyone, not just the ones with the microphones.

    I think everyone needs to be careful about the whole "anti-American" phrase. Pro-Bush people say others are anti-American, anti-war people say Bush is anti-American. The truth is that we are all American and as we saw 9/11, we will all unite when needed. In between we disagree, argue, test the limits and the constitution…we learn and we grow.


  9. I find it horrible that people think of Clinton as nothing more than a joke. I’ll bet their bank accounts miss him! I know mine does. Granted, I am a dyed in the wool democrat, but I don’t understand why people have such a HUGE problem with Clinton. His wife got over it, why can’t everyone else? She is, after all, the one he made vows to– not us! I’ll be willing to bet those same people think quite highly of Bush, Sr., who we now know also had an affair (with his secretary) while in office. Do they really think GeeDub is any better? We just don’t know what he’s done yet, I mean, besides being a dim-bulb incapable of pronouncing common words like nuclear.

  10. I have be labeled anti-American many times. I know who and what I am so I find that laughable.

    I’ve heard Hussein’s name held responsible for 9-11. I thought that was Osami’s doing also.

    I, personally, will try to take the peaceful route every time.

    Peaceful didn’t take well this time.


    Dang it, I tried.

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