Chicken Kitten and Scarbelly.

OK, did Kitten pose for this garden ornament or what? Unfortunately, poor Kitten had the smug wiped off her face this afternoon, when the apartment maintenance guys showed up to fix the toilet in the master bedroom and work on one of the bedroom doors so it would close properly (when it gets humid the door swells and you can’t close it). Cattitude was taking her afternoon siesta on the top shelf of the kitchen, over the refrigerator, and didn’t so much as blink at the intruders. I’m not sure that cat blinks anyway. O’Beast was asleep on the butt sling, and while he did condescend to wake up, but that’s all he bothered to do. Kitten had been sleeping on my lap. She made up for the lack of interest from the other two by launching herself off my still healing abdomen, and disappearing somewhere in the apartment for two hours. I never did find out where she was hiding, but even after she came out she was skittery and untrusting. Frankly, I’m disappointed. I thought she had more chutzpah than that.

My bloodwork came back from Big City Hospital. I get to reduce the Prograf to 8 mgs twice a day, and I also get to reduce my Coumadin a little. I suppose it isn’t exactly great strides, but I’ll settle for little baby steps at the moment. At least the Prograf is heading the right direction. I live in hope that they’ll give me the green light to start driving again next Tuesday, which is the earliest they could let me drive. The Prograf jitters may cause them to rule against it, but since those peak about an hour after I take the drug, and are mild in the hours immediately before I have to take the next dose, there is a window of opportunity that I could drive in. It would be nice to be able to take care of some of my own errands. Besides, I’ve a brand new Prius pining for me down in the parking lot. We need a chance to bond all over again.

I really debated about putting this next item in an open journal entry, but I figure anyone reading this can decide for themselves to click or skip. My incision has finally lost all its scabbing, and while it isn’t exactly a thing of beauty, I at least don’t cringe when I’m looking in the mirror. It helps that the ascites has gone down as well, since the scar is no longer pulled and stretched and therefore isn’t quite as angry looking. My weight is now about 27 pounds less than the day of the operation, and most of the loss is water. I have legs again, with real knees and ankles! My stomach no longer protrudes further forward than some of my more womanly apparatus. I’m actually fitting into some of my old clothes again, and they’re comfortable. To top things off, I tried on my favorite dress this morning, and it not only fits, it looks good on me! It’s silk, swirled with shades of green and bronze, with gauze dragonfly inserts all over it. It buttons on the side for a nice, smooth fit, and has a matching silk long sleeve jacket. I don’t recommend this particular weight loss program to anyone, but it sure as hell worked for me!

Anyhow, I digress. The incision is healing nicely, and I wanted to stick a picture of it in the journal for my own reference. I’m not about to inflict it on anyone who doesn’t want to see it though. If you are curious click here to see the nearly healed incision. My doctor was right – it does look a bit like a Mercedes Benz logo.

I made an appointment to get my hair done this Saturday afternoon. It’s the first time since I started getting my hair professionally colored that the roots have started to show, and my hair is getting to that awkward length where it has decided it doesn’t need to listen to my comb and brush anymore. I’m looking forward to showing it who’s boss again. I other areas of personal upkeep, I purchased an electric razor a few days ago. I’ve always used a cheapie throwaway razor before, but between the blood thinner and the immunosuppression that no longer seemed like a good idea. An interesting side-effect of liver failure for me was the fact that I lost most of my body hair. I hadn’t needed to shave my legs or underarms for nearly three-quarters of a year. With the advent of the new liver my dormant little hair follicles have woken up, however, and I’m going to have to get back into the habit of defoliating once in a while. Pity, that. It’s one symptom of liver failure I actually appreciated.

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  1. When I got to the part about your dragonfly dress, I let out an "Awwwww!" I’m happy you’re convalescing so well. And I peeked at your scar photo. Frankly, I expected it to look a lot worse. You look fine, kid!

  2. I peeked too and it doesn’t look bad, it’s healing quite nicely.

    Glad to hear your clothes are fitting again. 🙂

    Love the pics of the kitten with her twin.

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