Terrorist Sympathizer?

I’m probably going to be the only one who thinks this is hilarious, but I have to note this. Go to Alta Vista. Do a search for “Terrorist Sympathizer” images.

The first image that comes up is my picture of the candleholder that the little grey spazzoid broke some months ago.

Gads, I’m laughing so hard I really do have tears running down my face. Thank you, dear Anonymous Whomever, for running that search that turned up on my site meter tonight.


If it doesn’t work the first time, hit refresh, and it’ll come up then.

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  1. Ah, the politics of Internet Message Boards & Chat Rooms. I have always found it petty and tried to avoid it if possible. I have finally found one for math in which there seems to be no significant politicking involved. All posts submitted to try and engage in it are ignored and deleted from the forum.

    I think you will find next year that a container garden is much more flexible than using the ground. You can start your plants earlier if you have the right kind of containers, and it does make the situation of furniture much easier. Enjoy!


  2. I have read that Tylenol is hard on the liver.

    It sounds like you had a nice time despite the small attendance.

    The convention in December sounds interesting.

    Seems like the message boards I have been on all have their troublemakers…that is why I tend to lurk.

    Enjoy your Tuesday!

  3. Often private message boards become more about congratulating each other for being "elite" enough to be accepted on the board, than about the original topic of the board. I think that’s pretty boring. I always start going to cool message boards and want to become popular and one of those with 172361617 posts but then I forget to go there for a month and everybody’s forgotten me. Le sigh. 😀

    Yep, will take loads of pics from Riga, rest assured! I’m probably going to put up an site on Geocities about the trip, with travel journal entries, photos etc.

  4. I’ve had the same issue with gossip. It takes a lot of soul searching to figure out how to handle it. Sitting by feels like you’re condoning it, saying something about it…well we can’t parent everybody.

    On the donor stuff – I’m sure you will have moments when your mind focuses in on one aspect or another of your journey, but the fact that you notice the possibility of getting stuck there probably means you won’t dwell on it long.

    Had to laugh about the lowest common denominator thing. How is it that they dominate the class discussion?


  5. you commie pinko terrorist thingy!!! *giggles madly*

    P.S. My cats are terrorists, also. Being Persian, they are highly suspect anyway and given their overly hostile bombing of the dog food bowl I must say that I think I had better turn them over to the State Department (which Ozone thinks should be bombed).

    Take Care,


  6. Did people walk around the meetings asking, "Are you a liver?" "Are you a heart?" That would be amusing, in a silly way.

    I’ve been known to frequent exclusive boards. I don’t do it to be exclusive, though. It’s the only way anybody pays any attention to my postings ;o)

  7. Too funny on the search. You do realize now that the FBI is probably reading your diary to keep track of KfH and be sure she is not engaging in activities to support enemies of the state… OK, maybe not.


  8. LOL! That is too much.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the FBI, CIA and a few others had their eyes on KfH.

    Remember how well she hid in the wheat.

    KfH: American’s secret weapon.

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