Monday, Moan-Day

Why is it that the weather only acts up when I refuse to take the weather forecast seriously? If they forecast half a foot of snow and I pay heed, then the only way you could actually measure six inches of snow is if you took every single snowflake that fell and stack them one on top of the other.

But because I made fun of the forecasters, the Weather Gods took their vengeance upon me and gave us the half a foot of snow. OK, it was only four inches and not six inches. But more is predicted, along with freezing rain (which is to start in a few hours). There is no way I can be stranded at work – I don’t have enough medication here to sleep over and go home tomorrow. As soon as I hear the roads are getting bad I plan to close up shop and leave for the day.

Meanwhile, The Socialist remains snug and warm in bed. I seriously doubt he’ll get up before noon. His college cancelled classes today. I’ll bet they cancel his classes tomorrow too. Blagards. This weather is all his fault. He complains and gripes and moans about snow, but he seems to benefit from this stuff far more than I do.

I just hope he thinks to move his car into one of the unreserved spaces before I get home. If I have to trek in from outer Siberia because there are no free parking spaces in front of our apartment I’m going to be very grumpy when I finally get home.

Very little of noteworthiness occurred over the weekend. I got my hair color touched up Saturday. My hairdresser is disappointed that I consider the perm a failed experiment, and has half talked me into giving it another try. I have to admit that when I left her salon on Saturday the perm looked pretty damned good, but I just can’t duplicate what she does. I’ve already invested in a hair dryer at her prompting, but I really don’t want to have to go out and get a curling iron and special hair goop and all the other “essential” items she’s recommended. I’ve already proved that a hair dryer in my hands is a deadly weapon, guaranteed to kill any hairdo from fifty paces. I don’t believe I should be licensed for any of these other items.

I’ve got my replacement phone for the one I lost a week ago. Everything went smoothly, although I was surprised to find that the cost of the cover (which I did have to purchase) had doubled since I had bought the first one last May. I probably could have shopped around and done better than $20 for the cover, but I simply wasn’t inspired to make finding a cheap cell phone cover a major project.

As I was getting my new phone settings fixed up to resemble my old phone, I opened the address book to enter some numbers. I was surprised to see about a dozen numbers already in there. I figured they were “demo” numbers to show you how you could set up different things like work, home, friends, places with multiple numbers, that sort of thing. When I started poking around though I discovered that these weren’t dummy numbers, but the real thing. I’ve apparently been given someone’s used phone. The phone is in fine shape, and nowhere does the insurance I have say I’d be given a brand new phone, just a replacement phone. I can’t say I’m upset, since this phone is covered by the same warranty that my old phone was. I am a bit surprised they didn’t wipe out the original owner’s settings before handing it out again though.

I haven’t actually done anything about my little eBay thorn-in-the-side, but I think I’ll give him a “neutral” rating with a negative write up. If he retaliates with negative feedback to me, I’ll simply set up a website posting his emails and mine and post the URL in my feedback reply. I’ll let the record stand for itself.

I’m restless, looking out the window every few minutes to see if the freezing rain has started yet. I want to leave, and am looking for the least excuse at this point.

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