Bills, conventions and new banks.

“When my cats aren’t happy, I’m not happy. Not because I care about their mood but because I know they’re just sitting there thinking up ways to get even.”

-Penny Ward Moser

Yes the bills got paid last night. At least, most of them did. I’m holding off on paying my renter’s insurance until I speak to my insurance agent. I don’t know what the best way will be to handle the upcoming move. I suspect the rates will change. I’m hoping they’ll go down. I should know better, but I can still dream.

The last of the checks have finally cleared from my old checking account. This weekend I look forward to waltzing into that bank and telling them I want to close out my accounts. They have messed with this Salamander for one last time. Missing statements, extra fees for seemingly everything, waiting lists for a safe deposit box … these are all things of the past. Besides, their branch office in my company got kicked out and replaced by another bank, making my old bank inconvenient as well. Can’t say I like the new bank’s free checks all that much (they feature a picture of the bank on the front) but at least they’re truly free (unlike my soon-to-be-ex-bank’s, which turned out to have hidden fees after the first year that they forgot to tell me about when I opened the account).

Got in touch with the other vet I’ll be going to Nashville with. We’re driving down, and she’d like to leave Thursday night rather than Friday morning. I touched base with The Prof, and it was fine by him, so we’ll try to get a couple of hours travel under our belts after I get out of work Thursday night. At first I was going to chide her for worrying about this so far in advance, but then I realized that the convention is only about six weeks away. And it’s happening right in the midst of when The Prof and I want to move, making things even more complicated. This is going to be a busy summer!

I finally started writing again last night. Maybe this time I’ll stick with it. Just one short story to get the ball rolling. It’s just so easy to get distracted. Oversized kittens who want lap space are especially distracting. how can one turn down those ingenuous animé eyes when they’re begging for attention though?

I still have to do an entry devoted to the newest set of Mr. Squirrel pictures. I can’t decide if I’m going to miss that critter or not. He’s a destructive little chew-meister, but ACfH does so enjoy their conversations together ….

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