The Mystery (Plant) Deepens

No, the mystery plant has not yet bloomed, and it’s starting to drive me nuts. The largest of the buds is now nearly two inches long and tubular. This is what it looked like yesterday”

The bud turned white sometime during the day today, and is just starting to part at the tip. It doesn’t look as if there will be petals, but instead appears as if it will have more of a bell-shape, like morning glories. I think perhaps tomorrow will be the day, but then I’ve been thinking that for a week. Meanwhile, the mystery plant continues to grow and spread. The tallest of the three is now nearly three feet tall, with many long stems reaching up from a common point in the ground.

The Grey Menace takes it all in with a certain amount of contempt. She’s seen me get excited before, and it always passes. She can’t eat it, play with it, or chase it, so she knows the mystery plant is relatively useless on the cosmic scale of things. While I’m out in the garden futzing with my plants, she watches from the kitchen table and practices being inscrutible.

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  1. I’m still sticking with my guess of evening primrose. If I’m right, you can process the seeds and send me some oil. You ought to get a tiny fraction of a teaspoon out of that.

    And if I’m right, you should check it in the *evening*.

  2. You better be careful, that looks like a flesh-eating killer plant to me. I had chills running down my spine when I saw your hand so close to it. Maybe it won’t bloom at all, maybe it just opens its mouth and then in the next entry you ponder the mysterious disappearal of The Grey Menace.

  3. Well, I’d be with the Feed Me Seymour crowd but curiosity overrules. If Audrey2 ever blooms, my bet is on some kind of exotic lily if it is not a weed. I remember you said it was a gift from the sisters, so shouldn’t be a weed unless you were on rocky ground with them at the time of gifting LOL. Too bad HersheyLou the botanist is out of town or I’d ask her opinion. Thanks for the flora and fauna update. Between you and Yetzirah, I’m loving life in the nature department. Time for me to make a DD entry…

  4. I was thinking evening primrose also.

    Then I thought maybe sea lavendar, but no, no, no, the buds weren’t clustered the same and the height wasn’t correct. Then I thought maybe belladonna……*sobs*….I give up….for right now.

  5. nothing more dangerous than a quiet cat. the wheels are definitely turning…

    i’m hoping you get a beautiful surprise soon.

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