There’s no place like home.

The Big Boss has evidently been waging guerilla warfare with Mrs. Big Boss. She was adamant: No more cats! But he asked me for print-outs of pictures of Dekyi, and he’s apparently been leaving them at strategic points around the house. Apparently she relented last night.

I pick Dek up from quarantine on Sunday, keep her at my place Sunday night, bring her into work Monday, and keep her in my office until end of day. She then goes on to her new home.

I’m of mixed feelings. Mostly, I’m glad she’s got a home with good people. She’ll have two big sisters (at least I *think* they’re girl cats. I know they’ll keep up with her veterinary appointments and vaccinations. They do let their cats go outside though, although my boss assures me that the big two always stay on their property. It makes me nervous to know that Dek is going to be allowed outside at a home that’s very close to a busy highway. Still, it’s better than giving her to a shelter and letting her take her chances with whoever might want her.

And at least I get to take her home for a night.

I was fast asleep when the Socialist came home last night. I’d only gotten about five hours sleep the previous few nights, and it had caught up with me. I don’t think he realized I was asleep though, because he scared the shinola out of me when he barged into the bedroom upon his arrival. I think he was carrying Clueless. All I know for sure is that Clueless arrived just about simultaneously with The Socialist.

He wanted to talk. I wanted to sleep. He was disappointed. I was annoyed. By the time I’d woken myself up enough to be civil, I’d forgotten completely about the prospective job that was dangled in front of me. I didn’t remember until I was driving into work this morning that I had wanted to tell him about it.

He probably found out first from yesterday’s diary entry. This is not what I wanted at all.

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