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  1. Oh, hells bells. When it rains in pours. Seems the whole shabang hit you at once. Don’t know what to say except that I will be thinking about you. The blood pressure is a worry, though.

    Go have some tea (tannic acid relieves intestinal upset and might even help with the migraine) and go back to bed.



  2. That is one of the crappiest days I’ve ever heard of. *hug*

    At least it sounds as if your washing machine isn’t on the fritz. It was just the power outage that kept it from working, right? *tries to be optimistic*

  3. I’m so sorry, that is a horrible day!!!! I wonder if your blood pressure had anything to do with everything else that was going on with your body. I would imagine having all those ailments converge on one day would raise anyone’s blood pressure!!!

    Hope you’re feeling better soon.


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