Long time, no whatever

Still breathing. Still unemployed. Trying not to hyperventilate. It’s easier during the day, when I can keep myself busy, distracted. Three in the morning is worst.

Dr. Who did not drop by with his TARDIS over the holidays. The wreath that HAD to be finished by Christmas was finished this morning. I estimate I put nearly 200 hours of work into this thing. I ended up having to go out and buy Christmas presents with the money I didn’t have. I wrapped up a picture of the finished wreath with an I.O.U. as well for Elder Sister. She didn’t seem to mind. Younger Sister saw and wants one too. Just shoot me.

I learned alot while making the wreath. I made a few mistakes, which will be easily corrected on the next model. And there were mistakes in the kit, as well as better ways to do things than the directions provided. I’m giving this wreath to Younger Sister, and Wreath 2.0 will go to elder sister. I’ll use different gold embroidery thread than the pack provides, I’ll know when to cut pieces larger than indicated because the pattern is wrong, and I’ll know where to reinforce the wreath where it’s designed to be weak.

For perspective, each of the ornaments is about the size of my palm.

In the intervening weeks from my last update, I’ve learned the TimTam slam (highly recommended), I’ve frequented the tea room by the cat shelter once or twice a week, I’ve put out resumes and I’ve spent hours cruising help-wanted sites on the web. I’ve written … a little … and finally came up with something this morning that might become usable. We’ll see where it goes.

I wish there were a writer living in this area that needed someone to do research for them. Spoke to someone on line who stumbled into that, and I could see me doing it.

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  1. Glad to see you! I’d been wondering if I should send out search and rescue or drop you an e-mail or something. I figured you’d be pretty busy through the holidays with the shelter but when the new year came and went I got a little concerned.

    That’s an adorable wreath! I can’t imagine having the patience needed to embark on such a project. The fact that you finished it at all instead of flinging it against the wall after the first 20 hours of labor says great things about you *laffs*.

    Anyway, good to see you update!

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