Joy at Another’s Pain

Thursday I discovered a BIG mistake at The Pharmacy while doing an audit of the scripts waiting to be picked up. It is a mistake I made once in the first few weeks of my employement, and one that I thought I’d been taking particular care in avoiding making again. Of course, finding the error sent immediate dread through every cell in my body. I’ve been stewing about it ever since.

I reported the discrepency immediately; it was something that the Head Pharmacist was going to have to deal with, and he wasn’t scheduled to be on again until Monday. I’ve been dreading going in Monday, and mentally preparing for a royal chewing out. Meanwhile, while doing a short shift today it occurred to me that I could pinpoint the error down to the day it happened, and that I could at least check and verify if I’d been on that day. If you’ve never understood the phrase “a weight was lifted from my chest”, then you won’t understand what I felt upon discovering that I hadn’t worked on the day of the error. Elation may be too soft a name.

Of course, by doing this I was also able to pin-point who most likely made the mistake. It’s the new girl they hired last month, and who I like a lot. I strongly suspect she’s totally screwed, and while a small part of me feels really badly, that Greek Chorus in the back of my head persists in cheering the fact that it wasn’t me.

I’m a bad, bad person.

Meanwhile, I got this from a message board I hang out at. It isn’t my style, but I totally loved it.

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  1. Self preservation is a strong compulsion, and justifies and explains your elation. Despite liking this other person, it’s OK to be relieved it wasn’t you.


  2. you’re just keeping it real… the flash mob thingy was awesome, it reminds me of Improv Everywhere (the folks that did the subway Star Wars stunt).

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