Moving Day

I made the mistake of exporting this diary to the new site in December. I did it with some encouragement from others who had already tried the new site and were testing out the new features. I didn’t like the options available for customization there, and decided to linger her as long as possible in the diary I spent hours customizing over ten years ago, hoping that when the final move day arrived there would be more flexibility on the new site. I continued to check in regularly with the News diary here at DD, but there hasn’t been much said about the new site.

Today I discover that everything I’ve updated to this diary since that fateful day I migrated in December will not be moved to the new site. This information was only posted to the new site on April 9th – nearly four months after I migrated. I feel kind of screwed.

I can’t say the information about diary migration been a state secret or anything; if you belong to Facebook you had the opportunity to keep up with developments. There’s been active discussion on a Facebook site that has never been updated to the News section of this actual site. If you aren’t a Facebook user you wouldn’t be aware of most of the plans in motion for the new Test Bed site. I’m not a Facebook user, so I don’t know if the announcement that any updates to this site would not be moved to the new site after migration was announced prior to 4/9/12 or not.

I guess I’m feeling a little hurt that there has been no effort to include all of the DD group in the plans and that Facebook has been the only option for keeping up with developments for the new diary site. I’ll get over it. I’m just not sure where I’m headed next. Regardless of whether I follow the move, it looks like I won’t be celebrating my eleventh anniversary of blogging here at the old site.

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  1. Hmm. I’m on Facebook, but I never knew there was a Facebook page for DD, or that DD was migrating, or anything about it. In fact, when I got notification of your new entry, and I clicked on the link, it took me to the "new" DD site but said that I must have a bad link. And then I had to go back to to see your entry. All so strange.

    Anyway, if you head somewhere else, let me know, so I can keep up with you.

  2. i didn’t know what was going on until i clicked on the deardiary link under my favorites a couple of days ago… which went to the new site. that’s how i found out about the new site. not sure what i’m going to do, but i’d sure hate losing all of my entries… 🙁

  3. welcome to my world *grins*. found out yesterday by accident that if I wanted to log in here I had to go to instead of Thanks so much to the powers that be for (not) sending out an announcement to that effect. Just another reason that I’m not feelin’ the love for this place.

  4. As you already know, I had no idea until you told me what was going on. I’ve been avoiding Facebook and all the associated drama and over-sharing for a while now. It’s just impossible to keep up! I’m not happy about the non-existent communication from above, either.

    Why is this place ALWAYS a day late and a dollar short?

    But I shall have to ponder what this means for me a little later as I need to take a nap. Too many pain pills and too little food makes for a queasy afternoon.

  5. I read some comments before that it was coming in the diary for the owners of the site, and read something about private diaries will not stay private if migrated, but Im still confused, it says they will for plus users? Or Not? So Ive stayed still on the old site, now my subscribers say the links to my entries dont work, so nobody can read me right now, Im not sure what to do.

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