Well, I did it.

I dyed my hair. Nothing major, just a rinse to cover the creeping grey scourge. It’s still wet, so I can’t really evaluate the results yet.

I’m already afraid of what I’ll see when my hair dries, though.

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  1. You realy should do work at the zoo. It’s obvious how happy the place makes you.

    Andhaving guys around when moving furniture seems to mellow women on us for some reason. *grin*

  2. Sounds fun. Our zoo is sad. It consists mostly of animals that just happened to be grazing there on the land when they built it (kidding).

  3. I bet your hair looks great! I’m planning to do mine this week too. (of course, I’ve been coloring mine since I was 18!) ๐Ÿ™‚ Enjoy your new color!

  4. hi Salamander,

    if i had stayed in ny, i was going to try to do my practicum at the bronx zoo. haven’t been to the zoo here yet, but now i’ve got to go this summer…

    dyed the hair eh? probably looks very good!


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