The Case of the Mysterious Cat Turd: SOLVED

The Professor has gotten full time employment for the fall semester. There’s no guarantee that the college won’t bump him back to part time come the

Spring semester, but the fact that they asked him for this semester was a great (and needed) ego boost to him. Things have been tight for him financially, and this ought to go a long way towards reassuring him that everything will work out. I hate the way colleges string teachers along, refusing to hire anyone full time because they then have to pay benefits. Schools would rather hire five part timers than one full timer, and that makes it hard for The Prof to know what to expect from one semester to the next. But from now through Christmas, things should be good for him.

The Case of the Mysterious Cat Turd has been solved! (see The Mysterious Cat Turd for further details if you missed that entry.) A few new ones appeared, and I was able to track the last one to its source from the trail of kitty litter. It seems that the Kitten has a new source of toys. I doubt that further details are required. I need to get deeper litter boxes, I guess.

Took the kitten for her booster shots Tuesday, but she’s had a persistent case of kitty sniffles and we ended up with no booster shots and a week’s course of antibiotics instead. The cheapest part of having a pet is the pet, it would seem. I ran into a classmate at my veterinarian’s office who just started working there. I think I’m a little jealous. Anyhow, I asked to have him see Clueless Wonder Jr. when we return next week. It will be nice to catch up with what he’s been up to, anyhow.

The Professor returns from California today. He should be just beginning the first leg of his journey now. If all goes well I’ll meet him at the gate at 11:58 tonight. Gads. Another night of less than six hours sleep. I hate to sleep away my holiday, but I think I know what Labor Day will be devoted to, and it involves a distinct lack of labor.

I have one chapter to go in American Gods. Interesting ecclectic eccentric little book. I already feel like the story has ended – I’m interested to see what else Gaiman wants to say here.

Been beeped – gotta run. It’s been one of those weeks. Forgive the typos – I’ll have to come back through and fix those later.

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  1. i really enjoyed "American Gods".

    Another i would try (though not because they are similar) is "Innocence" by [inster first name here] Mendolsohn. She is really an interesting author.

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