I am such a sucker for these tests….

OK, Candle’s was the fourth or fifth Diary I saw this in. I finally broke down and took The Hartman Personality Profile (a.k.a. The Color Code). I held out for longer than is usually my wont, though.

It would appear I’m a blue, with a weak secondary color of white.

The Blue Personality

Blues Are Motivated By Altruism

Blues love to do nice things for others. They look for opportunities to give up something in order to bring another person happiness. Selflessness, rather than selfishness, is their guiding philosophy. Many Blues are uncomfortable doing things solely for themselves. They hold doors open for people, offer rides when someone’s car breaks down, contribute to charities, even devote their entire lives to helping others. (True, though I often question my motivations for acting that way. I suspect it is often simply me being insecure and trying to make sure people like me.)

Blues Seek Intimacy

More than anything else, Blues want to love and be loved. A true Blue will sacrifice a successful career to improve an important relationship. Once considered solely a female characteristic, this nurturing is more accurately understood as a Blue personality trait. (Not so sure this is true. At the same time, I’m perfectly willing to ditch my current job if it means improving the Prof’s chances of finding meaningful work. That is comes close to me using the Prof as an excuse to quit a job that I’m finding less and less satisfying, though.)

Blues Crave Being Understood

Blues are gratified when they are listened to, when they feel understood and appreciated. They are notorious for revealing their inadequacies, because they value being known and understood so much. In the eye of a Blue, being vulnerable is a small price to pay for the chance to connect emotionally. Blues may have their hearts broken more than most people, but they also spend much more time in love. (Well, I crave being understood, but I’m not sure I spend more time in love than the average person does. In fact, I think I almost go out of my way to avoid it sometimes, since it lessens the chances of getting burned.)

Blues Need To Be Remembered And Appreciated

With Blues, a simple pat on the back will not suffice. Blues expend such great effort in making the world a better place that sometimes they need to be told how wonderful they are. They need to be thanked and specifically remembered for their good deeds. They need sincere gratitude. They delight in being remembered on birthdays and other special days, especially if the rememberance is personal – a homemade anniversary card, a welcome home party, a special day that isn’t on the calender. Blues need tender loving care. (I’d love to deny this one, but recent events in my life prove otherwise. I hate being “needy”.)

Blues Are Directed By A Strong Moral Conscience

Blues are motivated to behave in a proper, appropriate manner. They have a moral code that guides them in their decision making, their value judgements, even their leisure time. Blues enjoy being “good.” Of all the personality colors, Blues come equipped with the strongest sense of integrity. A Blue would rather lose that cheat. Blues are trustworthy. Ethically, Blues are the people who should be in positions of power, but seldom are. (True, or at least I hope so. And I’m proud of it. If I’m not making the world a better place by my existence, then all I’m doing is taking up valuable real estate.)


If you’re a Blue-White combination, you are comfortable. You express yourself softly and sincerely. People find you determined, yet flexible. You are someone with whom almost anyone can get along. (Nothing could be further from the truth. I am seldom comfortable with people and situations. This describes somebody I’d like to be, though.)

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  1. Hey 🙂 Thanks for the comment you left about my website. I’ve put a Sitemeter in, but I haven’t put it on any search engines yet… Actually, I han’t thought of that…But I think I will. Is it ok if I put your diary on the links page?


  2. Wow. I certainly understand your concerns and The Profs. I worked in a Nursing Home when I was 16 and saw the disease in action there. It is horrible. But like you said, you can’t let it dictate how you live your life now. Take the zinc. I also read years ago that using those cheap metal pots and pans was thought to be a contributor to the disease, but don’t know whether this is still considered to be true or not. They suggessted only cast iron pans.

    Like you said though, it’s only a 50/50 chance. May the Force be with you.

  3. one day at a time. sounds good to me! 😉

    ps. surgery was pretty interesting…my entry was just experimenting with how to incorporate the experience "creatively" (some might debate my use of creatively) anyhow, just wanted to see what i could come up with on the subject…

    i think this semester will be pretty wonderful. i love the classes so far.

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