Jade: The Kitten from Hell

is still most assuredly a kitten. This was taken two weekends ago, when the Professor had just brought home his new Cuisinart. The cats were rough-housing in the debris of boxes and packing while he read the manual and tried to fit the parts together.

KfH has definitely grown. A lot. But she’s still under seven pounds. It’s just that she’s seven pounds of pure muscle. Especially between the ears.

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  1. `secretly gives you a hug`

    Safely Yours,


    P.S. I hope you didn’t end up cleaning up all that mess. And I hope you at least get to taste what is made if you do! Have a great day!

  2. Thanks for sharing the pictures. I thouroughly love your entries about your little darlings! Sometimes I wonder if it’s the animals that have all the personality already or…us dear humans…that interpret them 😛

    Animals – the soft stuffed kind and the real ones in my house have lots of personality and fun little escapades 🙂

    ~Quiet Evening

    who knows you adore that little KfH

  3. I guess I was right about them being about the same size though. My Jazzi is definately under ten pounds. I’d guess she’s about 7. Our other cat, on the other hand, is more like 20 pounds…!

    Oh, and I have to ask…is that a sandwich the KfH is playing with?

  4. i’m going back through your journal and dying over the kfh entries.

    boy likes your hutch, by the way. it’s beautiful! how are your enjoying it, besides using it as a kitty prison?

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