Jamisinc: The Ring!

This little bugger proved harder to photograph than the the Kitten from Hell in warp drive. My camera wouldn’t focus, or there was glare from the flash or the silver and gold contrast didn’t show up … *sigh*

Anyhow, this is the best I was able to do with the ring I bought this summer using some of my mother’s inheritance:

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  1. oh-oh… well, she’s a kitten! dang, my cat, the one with the heart problem and fiv…she dumped one of my plants twice on my books…

    i’ve personally learned the hard way to never underestimate the abilities of a kitten!

    somehow, i’m hoping you can revive those chives…

  2. Speaking of ring, that reminded me of the ring you bought with the money your mother left you. You said you might post a pic and it sounded so lovely I really wanted to see it. (I love rings.) If you posted it I missed it. Could you show us?

  3. Cats just seem to push thier little selves into every aspect of your life…especially to cause trouble.

    KfH obviously wants your diary just like those chives to keep getting so much attention to be mentioned everyday. :o)

    But, I love the stories. My cats 2 and he’s graduated from jumping everywhere all the time, so sleeping 18 hours a day and being awake and causing trouble at night.

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