An answer for Lilith:

The honest truth? I don’t know. I have no clue how or when they got there.

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  1. It seems you and I are both coming to the same conclusion. I need to boycott the computer for a while! AUGHH. I swear the keyboard is attached to my fingertips permanently. *grin*

    The scene you describe with your characters definitely reminds me of the recent DD drama. I don’t take sides, since I don’t know any of the people real well, but I sympathize with them all as well.

    *sitting silently taking it all in…*

  2. Someone can be interesting and funny and fun to be friendly with, any yet still do the wrong thing. Toying with your emotions and friendship apparently bothers me more than it does you, so I applaud you for your equanimity. You are very forgiving!

    Don’t get into a funk, get funky :o)

  3. Wow…

    First of all let me say that I had no idea there were things going on here at DD that had you upset – I hope it gets straightened out and everything. As for your cyber "friends"… I think I’d stay away from all of them. They sound pretty desperate to go to so much trouble over people they’ve never even met. I wouldn’t be surprised if the picture of Pauline isn’t her at all. She lied about everything else, why not her picture? Anyway, hope your funk goes away soon. 🙂

  4. I hate it when people misrepresent themselves, however I am not passionate enough about it to do anything other than delete or ignore e-mails or posts from said person.

    It sounds as if you have quite a soap opera going on there. Maybe you should write it all down and make millions of dollars when a major network picks it up for a new TV series!


  5. Mine is Velvet….Sounds like me ;o)

    And it says:

    Wowie! You are Velvet! Mysterious and seductive, you like being in charge and in control. You’re the trendy popular goddess and you love every minute of attention that you get, baby.

    Hugs, *~A.O.~*

  6. I’m sorry you’re having a hard time online, Salamander. *HUG* I guess there will always be fakes and cowards. But there are lots and lots of good people around, too :).

    I hope you have a nice, relaxing weekend.


    PS Sometimes those quiz results are just too much. I just did the damn Teletubby test and it announces me to be some yellow bouncy La La who’s nice and sweet and… GAH.

  7. When I first glanced at your font type, my mind saw it as Redneck and I couldn’t figure out what Redneck font was……

    I think I need another beer…..


  8. Let’s hear it for reality checks. Funny how they so often come through the entertainment industry. But even when there aren’t deep stories behind the movies, the books, the songs, they can often reflect a deeper truth. Anyway, I hope you will enjoy Brotherhood, which reflects only that over-the-top action and period costumes can be really, really cool. {{u}}

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