Emeralds, Sisters, Artists and Snow

Yes, Lil, that is the ring. Magnificent, isn’t it? [insert beaming smile here] And, since The Socialist said I could wear it as an engagement ring, that’s exactly what I’m doing. Everything remains informal, and there’s still no date set or even discussed. I’m perfectly happy to go with the flow though.

Yesterday The Socialist and I went to a local mall in search of the ring. He wanted to get me something unlike anything else I own. While I possess lots of glittery goodies, I have nothing with rubies or emeralds, so that is where we concentrated the search.

When we first saw this ring, I knew it was the one I wanted, although we ended up going to five or six other stores to see what they had to offer before returning to this one. The choice was down to the emerald ring and another ring set with an artificial alexandrite. I really liked that ring as well, but it was far more modern looking, with a square cut alexandrite set deep into a white-gold band with a deep-set diamond on either side of it. It cost less than half what the emerald ring was priced at. In fact, the emerald ring was well over the amount that we had planned to spend on a ring. I left the decision in the Socialist’s hands, and told him I could be happy with either ring. This was true; I really could have been happy with either ring. He sensed that I really loved the emerald ring though, and bought it for me even though it cost so much. How can you not love such a man?

I spoke to both sisters over the weekend – the first time in weeks. The Elder Sister called Friday night to see how I made out in the snow on Friday. We spent a bit of time catching up, and then she told me that the Younger Sister was set for a CAT scan Saturday because of a severe sinus infection and blockage. I called Younger Sister Sunday night to see how she made out on Saturday. She won’t have the results until some time this week, but it sounds like the sinuse infection has her in quite a bit of pain. I didn’t tell her that, until this is cleared up, this would put her out of the running for being a living donor for a liver. I don’t think this has occurred to her yet, and I didn’t want to do anything to further upset that particular situation. I learned both sisters have consulted with a therapist at the Big City Hospital about making the decision on who gets to go first for testing, so I’ll wait and see what happens next there. With luck, I’ll get my new liver before it becomes necessary for them to pursue this much further.

We’re meeting the Socialist’s aunt and uncle in the city on the fifteenth for dinner. They are artists, and will be in town for the big annual crafts show that’s open only to tradespeople and vendors. The Socialist and I have been lucky enough to get in a few times (passing ourselves off as the hired help for his aunt and uncle’s show booth). I’m not up for doing it this year though, since it’s a huge amount of walking. Still, it’s the best window shopping I’ve ever done, and I’ll miss it a little. I’m not looking forward to going downtown for dinner though, so it’s probably just as well I’m not doing the show as well.

Right now it’s snowing where I am. The snow is coming down thick and furious, but isn’t starting to stick yet. They say we may get up to five inches. I hope that happens after I get home tonight. I’m tired of driving in this stuff.

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  1. I hope you are home all safe and sound right now. The snow here is not as bad as they called for.

    The ring sounds beautiful! Congratulations on receiving it.


  2. Very nice sparklie you have there!

    You know, the offer for us to take that pesky snow off your hands still stands. Just send it out west! We will welcome it with open arms!


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