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  1. I am like you..I don’t agree one way or the other at this moment.

    It is hard to have an opinion that is right when you don’t know the whole facts. I am sure that there is a lot more behind the doors then we know about.

    I don’t talk about it and I don’t really like to spend much time thinking about it.

    Oh and it is amazing as to what you can find in a drawer eh?


  2. Like you, I don’t have an opinion one way or another. I am embarrassed to say, I haven’t kept up with the newspapers and instead have been focused on school. Since Alex is now deployed, I plan on catching up.

    We just have plain old rain here. All week.

  3. Lokich? Lokanuary? Lokember? I dunno, none of them sound right.

    I suppose we should be glad they did not name it after Venus with women’s mood swings in mind. If that were the case, we might be in the month of Bitch.


  4. interesting that the moon went into aries and mars went into capricorn today. since the sun is in pisces, that makes a good combination for taking charge of bringing order to one’s desk while questioning past feelings 8).

    we got a good bit of snow last night and i got to break in my shoveling legs. i even used salt for the first time!

  5. I love the Altoid Tangerine sours…yummy!!

    I see no shame in riding the fence on this one. You cannot force yourself to have an opinion that you don’t have. Despite my obvious rants in my diary, I really am not pro-war or anti-war. I’m more along the lines of allowing those who are in charge, and aware of the bitter details, being allowed to make the difficult decisions.


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