Where do we go from here?

The weekend brought with it a modicum of reasurrance. The Socialist was attentive and solicitous, and I know he was trying to meet me far more than halfway on things. I’m still not sleeping, and this is not making me much fun to be around at the moment. I’d love to know why it is that I can be on the sofa watching TV and start to doze off, but the moment I haul my fanny off to bed I’m incapable of going to sleep.

I finally got my primroses in the ground this weekend. The inclement weather had me putting that off for far longer than should have happened, and they were not particularly happy looking when they finally found their final homes in my garden. To my relief, they perked up after being in the ground for a day, so it looks like I won’t lose them, although they aren’t nearly as full as they were when they were purchased. There’s plenty of time for them to grow back again, though.

Sunday The Socialist and I went to the Younger Sister’s house to celebrate the Elder Sister’s 52nd birthday. I think all three of us sisters are a bit taken aback at how the years have passed. It simply doesn’t seem possible that one of us is in her fifties (with me bearing down on the half-century mark faster than I care to think about). For once everybody was well-behaved and no one left angry or hurt. Some day I’ll figure out why putting the three of us together in the same room at the same time for any protracted period usually results in a critical mass reaction. I’ve heard of “lethal genes” before, but this gets ridiculous sometimes. Anyhow, nothing happened Sunday save that we had a pleasant visit with each other, and made plans for Easter.

Speaking of Easter, I backed out of doing Easter dinner at my place. In all honesty, I don’t think I have the stamina to pull it off and have any kind of good time doing it. Both sisters were quite understanding about it, and we’ll be having it at the Younger’s instead. I’m in charge of the sweet potato casserole. That I think I can handle!

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