Friday on my mind.

I need to sing the praises of my Prius. It was a *fun* ride into work this morning, thanks to that little car. And I have to admit; it’s fun turning heads, even if it isn’t my beautiful self that’s doing the head turning. I can’t wait to get out of here and drive home again. Word just came down it will be a short day, so I’ll be doing that sooner rather than later. Color me “tickled pink”.

I haven’t got much planned for this weekend. Our frost-free date isn’t until May 15th, and it’s killing me that I have to wait for two more weeks before I can plant anything. The temperatures haven’t dropped further than the forties in recent days though, and the temptation is strong to get some things now. I want to plant morning glories along the enclosed garden fence, and since seeds are relatively inexpensive I may try to get those in this weekend. Worst-case scenario is that we really do get one final hard frost and I’ll have to replant. I’m willing to take a chance on a packet’s worth of seeds and see if I can’t give them a two-week head start.

I inquired at the apartment management office earlier in the week as to whose responsibility upkeep of the enclosed garden areas was. Mine is sorely in need of some fill, and while I was willing to take on the chore myself if I had free say in how things were done, I didn’t want to go wasting my money if they were going to be doing anything about it. I found out yesterday that management is planning to do extensive outside renovations of our building, including the enclosed garden areas, and that it should be happening soon. This, of course, pleases me no end, since it means I get what I’ve wanted without having to pay for it or do any of the work. I just really hope they do start soon, so it will be done in time for me to enjoy summer days outdoors.

I purchased dinner for The Socialist last night at his favorite Indian restaurant to thank him for his help in the auto purchase. He was the one who first spotted the damaged wheel, making it easy to establish that I wasn’t the one to have damaged the car when driving it home from the dealership. (In fact, the service manager attempted to accuse me of just that to my salesman when good old Norman first presented him with the problem. According to Norman, he told the service manager “Don’t even go there. If this lady says it was damaged when she drove it off the lot, then it was damaged on this lot. There’s no way this woman would lie.”)

Speaking of Norman, he called me this morning to make sure that everything had gone well on my drive home last night, and that I was pleased with the vehicle. He told me he’d enjoyed working with the Socialist and me, and that he hoped we’d be staying in touch. Looks like I’ve not only gained a car, but a new friend. I find it amazing he’d even want me in the same county at this point, considering what a jinx I turned out to be. There’s no way he even made a dime on this transaction.

Lunch is over … time to get back to the grind.

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  1. A new car? Wow! How very cool!!! My mother is going to purchase a Prius when the 2004s come out. Then I get her Saturn! Yay!!! No more ductapemobile!!! Leather seats, double yay! Labrador fur, be damned!

    Speaking of the Labrador, thanks for the reply about his rash. I feel pretty safe with the A&D, since it is petroleum jelly and lanolin with vitamins. Not great tasting, but not dangerous really, either. It seems to have helped. He doesn’t seem bothered by the rash, and never really has. If it doesn’t clear up by Monday I will take him in. All the three need check-ups and vaccinations anyhow. <sigh> And Lucky is out of Heartguard AND Frontline. Geez, I guess we gotta go in anyway.



  2. You certainly deserve to be tickled pink! The salesman may not have made money on the deal but he knows word of mouth works pretty darn good too.

    Yum, I need to try an Indian restaurant out. Maybe I will see about doing something for Max like that after the weekend is over!

  3. Car salemen have a bad name here in this country, so I cant see them doing that for anyone, but I could be wrong. Its soooo great for you!!


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