Late Day Haiku

My nose is running.

It’s more athletic than I

and leaves me breathless.


To the question: Where is Palimpsest?

Palimpsest is where Palimpsest always should have been. Palimpsest has returned to her home under the rock. It was foolish to allow the shadows to frighten her away, and it was more foolish to stay away. When she realized that, the Powers That Be took pity, and put Palimpsest back to where she never should have strayed from. No entries are lost and no comments were left behind. It’s just been transcribed to fresh parchment.

And now I retire to my nice warm bed, and try to sleep the evil germs away.

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  1. There’s e-medicine in this comment. Lick the screen HERE to make sure you get it. If possible, lick the screen in the company of others, it works better that way.

    In a different note, I’ve added Salamander and have spent three minutes staring at this background. I love it.

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