And then there’s the down-side.

How quickly we forget our basic pharmacology. A common side-effect of morphine is nausea.


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  1. I finally took the time to read your diary from before the transplant and although I’m still catching up I think you are an inspiration to us all.

    ‘If you cant make a joke of it whats the point of experiencing it’ – I mean how the hell do you manage to have that attitude with everything you went through. Remarkable!

    I hope to have time to catch up with some more shortly!

  2. I am like you….

    What is CAUSING this problem? Let us find it and find out what we can do to heal it….

    Not mask the symptoms! Although relieving the swelling probably WILL help you heal a bit, ya think?

    But like I said… I’m with you.

    Drugs are the path of least resistance.

    However, I think people who think like we do are in the minority. I’ll bet 9 out of 10 people he sees just say, "Make this pain go away so I can get back to work."

    And if he recommended some lifestyle change the patient would get hostile!

    Wanna bet? Wanna bet?



  3. Whoa, were those really the doctors names? I think Its Funny…Their first and last names each start with the same letter, and it goes right down the alphabet. A, B, C…

    Did I make sense???

  4. You made perfect sense G0thica. I’m afraid I made up the names though. I wish I could have used some of the real names though – a couple of those are actually funnier.

  5. Take the pills and keep trying to get an appointment with regular doctor.

    Hate to see a disc problem put you out of commission after all you’ve endured the past year.

  6. Sounds like he just gave you what you needed until you could see your regular doc. He probably didn’t want to jump into the middle of such a complicated case.

  7. Ah yes, morphine. You feel good. You are happy. You are completely unaware of your surroundings and that you are naked in the passenger seat going through a drive through.

    Mmmm… Morphine.


  8. Well, the upside to morphine causing nausea is that you really don’t care that you are nauseaus…..

    I don’t really care for that whole 10 minute Dr. visit business. I think it is poor medicine but that is just my humble opinion.

    Glad you’re getting some relief.

  9. I’m sorry you’re in so much pain. That poor body of yours! I did find it interesting that you weren’t keen on going to the D.O. and then he didn’t really act like a D.O. hmmmm….


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