The gym, interviews, and 3 day weekends.

I decided to take Friday off, so that I can have a three day weekend to get away with The Prof. Still don’t know where we’re going (not far) or what we’re doing (not expensive), but I either need to blow steam or blow up. I’d love to go down to DC for a few days, but that only fits one of the two requirements (close, but not cheap). I still need to line up a cat sitter too – all bets are off if I can’t find someone to pill Clueless Wonder and slop the hogs daily.

The Prof is scheduled for his second interview this Thursday, so he’s going to have some steam to blow off this weekend as well. I know he’s nervous about it; as he put it, he’s never had to teach a class in front of group of his peers before. I can only imagine how unsettling that would be. With luck, we should hear soon after whether or not he got the job though.

He was going to try and make time to call the new apartment complex about our application as well. I really thought we’d have heard from them by now, and am starting to get a little concerned about the delay. I want to start lining up the movers soon (it may be difficult to schedule them on the date I want if I don’t do it soon), and I need to start purging things that won’t be coming with us. I’ve only been in this current apartment two years, and I’ve already accumulated enough drek to clothe a small third world nation. I have books to be donated, knick-knacks to find new homes for, and more used-to-bits blue jeans than I’ll ever need for rags.

That’s the downside of having to wear jeans to work (and considering what I work around, jeans are really the only option). I have an entire wardrobe of one clothing item. Makes it hard to dress nicely on the weekends. I can’t really justify buying nice blouses and slacks when they only get to come out Saturdays and Sundays.

Tonight is my first Monday free in a few months. Now that the Latin class is over, I suppose I should concentrate on getting back to the gym on Monday nights. I just wish I didn’t hate it so. All this “doesn’t it feel invigorating” and “don’t you feel great after working out” stuff just doesn’t cut it with me. It doesn’t feel invigorating, and I feel miserable after a work out. I’ll do it because it’s good for me, but I don’t think I’m ever going to like it.

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