Pets know.

I am more convinced than ever that animals have sensibilities that humans fail to appreciate. Those of you who have followed my Diary at all have been regaled by stories about my Kitten-From-Hell, the destructive force that I have been unable to stop or even slow down. Mirrors, wall hangings, floor fans, exposed ankles and legs, bathroom fixtures, and two adult cats have all felt the power of this five pound beast.

Last night I spent most of my time in front of the television, watching the updates from New York City and Washington D.C., and feeling more and more distressed. Geographically, I’m between the two cities. I’ve been waiting for word of a friend who worked in the Towers. The Professor and I simply sat side by side, letting the inconceivable wash over of us.

All night the kitten stayed by my side. It didn’t ask to play, it didn’t whine for attention, it didn’t try teething on my fingers. It just sat next to me and pressed into my side. Somehow, she understood.

I don’t know why that should help so much, but it does.

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