The Professor and my VIP’s.

Has the Prof read my journal yet, I’m asked. He has, at least as far back as the beginning of the year (don’t know if he’s made it further yet or not). He particularly liked the entry with the sequence where Clueless Wonder finally came off his diet and Warrier Princess tried to steal some of his celebratory canned food.

Have I been/am I worried about his reactions to some of the entries? Of course. But we have a good relationship, and there’s nothing in here that he and I haven’t discussed between ourselves. If one of my entries gives us cause for further discussion, then I have to believe that this is for the good.

Do I fear that this is going to cause me to censor my writing? Not in the least. I have private entries (quite a few of them) that I keep observations inappropriate to share. I’ve never aired the really private stuff before, and I’ll still continue to keep it private. But the rest of my life is clay for me to practice my modeling skill with words on.

I’ve survived the VIP visit. It was a little overwhelming, however. I had been told to expect four. There were eight of them. Plus four other local government officiandos. Plus three management from my company. It was by far the biggest tour I’ve ever handled here, however you decide to define “big”. I have to say, the Director was far more congenial than I had heard tell. I hope the DC-ites went away impressed with our set-up. Our operation is considered a “model” for how they want other companies to be running eventually, and the future of my job pretty much depends on whether or not they like what they see here. They seemed happy enough at the end of the tour, anyhow.

I’m feeling pretty good right now. Glad that’s over with.

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